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  • 2001

    Made my first step

    Got my first computer. Interested in Computer Science, software & hardware.

  • Gaming

    Interested in playing Computer Games and Internet use.

  • 2006

    Web & Graphic Design

    Joined Digital media in 2006 and found my passion for Web and Graphics soon after.

  • Started Freelancing

    "Keep on going!" with Web Design & Web Development.

  • 2008

    Front-end engineering

    Made my step into Web languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Released first website

    Website implementation with CMS. Model-based projects.

  • Formative years in management

    Program management, retail, operations, and non-profit.

  • 2010

    Fritex Designs launched

    Web Design & Development, working projects, the first Web application based on PHP Framework.

  • Working Hard and Reaching Out

    There's no greater joy for me than seeing the solutions I build use by so many users. I see the web and mobile development as a tool to accomplish that and I've been working as a freelance developer throughout the years.

  • First clients

    Working with clients, developing a business model and product management.

  • 2012

    Part of Gamersject

    Joined new organization. Front-end engineering and website maintenance & optimization.

  • Academy of Central European Schools (ACES)

    The impact of modern media on the youth's role model choices:
    Development of an international school partnership project related to the theme "Reality Check – How we perceive and construct the world through media".
    Implementation of the project together with the partner school from Slovenia from September to March 2012/2013.

  • Web Application "E-Pripreme"

    CMS intended for teachers to help them to create and import their plans and programs of subjects which they will be teaching current school year, based on a real-life paper method. The idea was to create a central database of plans for teaching different subjects during school year having them always online and available when needed.

  • Following My Passion

    Digital creation is my passion. Writing 1000s of lines of code and having something meaningful manifest on the screen is something that tickles my feathers.

  • 2013

    CISCO Systems

    CISCO Internetworking, Network Administration, Security engineering.

  • On the road again

    Working on products & patents, getting into some new web and User experience.

  • First mobile applications

    Developing mobile applications based on C#. Cross-platform applications.
    Platforms: Android, Windows Phone, iOS.

  • Positive perception of the future

    Creative and innovative ideas & concepts of User Experience and Design.

  • Website

    Design and Development, with full SEO optimization. Programming with PHP, MySQL, AJAX while working with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, maintenance of Linux server.

  • 2014

    Positive Emotions

    Emotional Well-Being

  • Tap 'n' Step project

    Interactive virtual guide for mountain Ravna Gora. Mobile application made for Android platforms.

  • Part of Folk Dance Ensemble

    Started with folk dance, secretary work, logistics, designed the Website.

  • Cycled more than 1500+ kilometers

    Found my passion with my bicycle and traveled around the World.

  • Speaker at FOI: Software StartuUp Academy

    Mentoring and presentation show about Backend Development, ASP.NET, security, risks, tools, and motivation.

  • 2015

    On My Own Adventure


  • 1st place Award

    Competition in Audio-visual technologies & Graphic fields in Zagreb - interactive RWD "single-page" Website Overnight Illusion.
    Used Web technologies in project: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP.

  • CIAV 2015

    Traditionally the biggest aero meeting in Croatia. Graphic design of flyers, accreditation, tickets, etc. Co-worked on a development of the official Website, SEO optimization, promotion and marketing solutions.

  • Teacher at CISOK

    Teach people to learn writing and the basic computer use. Investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes.

  • Bonjour, 你好

    Started learning French and Chinese.

  • Musical chords

    Started playing a musical instrument, accordion (also called harmonica).

  • 2016

    Going the Extra Mile

    Step by step

  • CIAV 2016

    Traditionally the biggest aero meeting in Croatia. Complete graphic design. Co-worked on a development of the official Website, promotion on social networks.

  • University of Zagreb

    Student at Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Information Technology in Business Application.

  • Špancirfest

    10 days working with creative people on the festival "Špancirfest", Public relations.

  • Digital Intelligence

    Learning and understanding core concepts of Machine learning. Developing Artificial intelligence system based on an open source software library with my tiny Raspberry Pi computer.

  • 2017

    All in

    Empathy and Strengths

  • Volunteering

    250+ volunteering hours

  • FOIJADA 2017

    Participation and help with organization for the anniversary Day of Sport at FOI.

  • Youth Internet Governance Ambassador Croatia

    Collaboration with National CRO-IGF and TaC (Together against Cybercrime).

  • Conferences

    CRO-IGF 2017 (Croatia), RIPE NCC - RACI SEE 6 (Montenegro), BSIG2017 (Bosnia and Hercegovina), Špancirfest 2017 (Croatia), WordCamp 2017 (Croatia), FSec 2017 (Croatia)

  • Chair of W3C Croatian Web Developers Community Group

    First official W3 Community Group of Croatian Web Developers.

  • Personal Blog

    Writing makes my mind clear.

  • Fritex Photography

    New discoveries being an witness of the moment.


    One of the biggest student NGOs.

  • United Nations Volunteers (UNV)

    Volunteering within The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme.

  • Deans' Award

    Effort and Excellence in the Academic year 2016/2017.

  • What's next?

    I'm looking for the next challenge in my career. I look forth to working to develop solutions with a team of developers and designers with a focus on UX and a high level of standards.

  • T


    Moderation and self-restraint.

  • O


    Intrigued by new experiences.

  • M


    Willingness to face danger and take the risk.

  • I


    Fair and honest in both views or opinions.

  • S


    Self-confident and motivated.

  • L


    Steadfast and faithful to a duty.

  • A



  • V


    Creatively thinking about the future.

  • Website Development

    Mobile-ready, dynamic, amazing web applications that make you look great. Comprehensive methods to build your brand/product/service and optimize your current workflow.

  • Programming Skills

    Working on the web and mobile has taught me to work within concepts and the Procedural Programming languages.

  • Coding Skills

    I'm always trying to grow both vertically and horizontally when it comes to writing better code, in more languages including; PHP, JavaScript, SQL, AJAX, Java, VB.Net, HTML5, CSS3, XAML, XML.

  • Productive Tools & Frameworks

    Technologies/Frameworks: CodeIgniter, Firebase, Wordpress, Joomla, Bootstrap.
    Tools: Visual Studio, Sublime Text, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Mailchimp, Balsamiq Mockups, Google Webmaster tools, Google Maps API, Facebook Open Graph API, Twitter API, YouTube API, Google Analytics API, REST.

  • System Architecture Design & Implementation

    Designing A system requires a deep understanding of the business process that the system integrates into, to choose the best technologies to use, figure out the interactions and processes the system has to do and go into designing the flowchart of the system, the Objects, the data scheme, and setting up the development plan with feedback, QA & testing.

  • User Centric Systems

    Designing and building systems with the user in mind are crucial, I've come to take on UX design practices and integrate them into my process as much as possible.

  • Non-Profit Organization Management

    Reach a larger audience using the latest social media marketing strategies, conventional marketing plus donor management and workflow optimization.

  • People

    I am most passionate about seeing the look on someone's face when their day has just been made! I love doing whatever it takes to help people and collaborate.

  • Organization

    I love organization and streamlining processes.

  • Foreign Languages

    Native proficiency: Croatian
    Professional working proficiency: English
    Limited working proficiency: German
    Elementary working proficiency: French, Chinese

  • Finding a first rate Web developer is challenging for a small business. Extremely quick and helpful.

    Tomislav Simpovic, ConnectiGO!
  • I am pleased to work with you! Really helpful with the promotion of my business website. This is just beginning of new ideas & soon projects.

    Bozidar Komaric, iWeb
  • Thank you for your patience and your great job. Always been very reliable when we've needed him.

    Zvonimir Brlenic, Fine'sa Grupa
  • Thanks to Tomislav, our news media website looks perfect now! All my readers are completely thrilled with the new design.

    Davor Masic, eVarazdin
  • Great presentation and technical skills. One day as a teacher, there is no problem with teaching in front of the class.

    Mladen Greguras, Burza ideja
  • It is all about making a website more professional.

    Toni Dalic, Gamersject
  • If you are looking to get a website built or redesigned get in touch with Tomislav.

    Denis Biskup, Novus Via
  • I had the pleasure to work with this young and extremely talented individual on several of my projects where he showed exceptional managerial & DevOps skills that were required at that time.

    Luka Klancir, CroBitcoin
  • I would highly recommend Tomislav for any kind of IT related work, and I'm confident he would do extremely well.

    Miljenko Talan, IT Specialist
  • Persistence and motivation are the most important to me. All invested got returned one a time.

    Suzana Ljepava, Mentor
  • Stay focused on what you love to do. Effective team player was and will always be.

    Tibor Bün, Mentor
  • You already have enough good skills to build your own successsfull career.

    Marko Hlapcic, IT Specialist
  • Tomislav was a hard working and goal oriented developer with a wide range of technologies used ranging from backend to frontend with a focus on web development.

    Emil Purgar, Q-Alliance
  • I was always impressed with his engagement, positive energy and creative solutions.

    Marko Breljak,
  • Tomislav is one of the volunteers who appeared as best in volunteering activities. Always ready to help and we could always rely on him.

  • Partial List

    I can provide references which include regional clients, non-profit organizations, small businesses and more.